What exactly is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a mental health treatment used to treat emotional distress and various psychological disorders.  Psychotherapy is a collaboration between the mental health professional and the individual to help the individual work through their concerns and challenges. 

There are several approaches and methodologies that can be used in psychotherapy.  Some of these methods focus on changing behavior, some on relieving the effects of trauma, and others on changing interpersonal dynamics. 


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

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I approach psychotherapy from a psychoanalytic framework.  Psychoanalytic psychotherapy emphasizes the systematic study of psychological forces that underlie human behavior, feelings, and interactions with others.  You can expect therapy to be a safe, supportive environment where you can discuss the challenges you are facing with an objective, neutral, and nonjudgmental professional.  You can expect to leave therapy with new coping skills for life’s recurrent struggles and a new understanding of yourself and your life patterns.  Learning information about mental health and how to maintain emotional wellness is also a prime aspect of services.  

Do I Need Therapy?

It is important to know that ALL people need therapy.  Mental healthcare is not for a select group of unwell people, just as dental care is not a service solely for people who have tooth decay.  Mental health, just like physical health, must be maintained and therapy is where we learn how to do that.  

The Lotus Foundation serves residents of Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Florida.  Services are also provided in English to clients living internationally.

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What You Can Expect

At the time of your appointment you can access the link to your session from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Simply go to the Contact page on this website and click the link in order to enter the waiting room.  The virtual office is secure and HIPPA compliant to protect your privacy and confidentiality. When it’s time for your appointment to start, you will be moved from the waiting room into your session. Please make sure that you are in a private, quiet setting and ready to begin your appointment. Sessions cannot be extended due to lateness.

During your session, your therapist will listen to your history and your goals, recognize patterns of behavior, help you to understand and process your feelings, and then work with you to find ways to manage challenges you have been experiencing. Each session is 50 minutes and usually scheduled once per week. If your situation requires it, you can meet more often.

Pricing and Insurance

The cost per session is $165. Costs can be adjusted according to a sliding scale when financial need is identified.  Apple Pay, Google Pay, Link, and all major credit cards are accepted and processed via Stripe.  CashApp payments are also accepted.  All payments can be processed through the Contact page of the website.   All sessions must be paid before session begins.  Most insurance plans will allow you to submit your paid invoices for partial reimbursement of your sessions. Please contact your insurance carrier for more details.

You will receive an appointment reminder 48-hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  If you need to cancel your session, you are able to do so at no charge up to 24-hours before the appointment begins.  Any cancellations less than 24-hours before the appointment will be charged a fee.  This fee must be paid before another appointment can be scheduled. 


Florida Residents Only– If you are a resident of Florida, the following plans are accepted:

  • Aetna
  • Oxford
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Oscar

If you are a Florida resident and would like to use one of the listed plans, please indicate this by using the form on the Contact page before scheduling an appointment.  You will be sent an email from Headway prompting you to create an account.  Your Headway account will allow you to submit your insurance information and schedule your first appointment. 

Signs that you may be experiencing emotional distress are:

However, many people don’t consider therapy until they are already experiencing emotional distress.  Signs that you may be experiencing emotional distress and are in need of services urgently are: 

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Schedule an appointment today

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may be in need of urgent evaluation or treatment.  Please make the choice to reach out and schedule an appointment today.